Syncraft® wood power plants

The fossil fuel age is coming to an end and bioenergy is increasingly becoming the focus of future-oriented business. It‘s time to get to know US.

In the energy production of tomorrow, wood will play a particularly important role. With our wood power plants, the renewable raw material can be utilised optimally. This proprietary and patented technology generates more electricity and heat. Furthermore, bioenergy is the only renewable energy that can be switched on and off when needed.

We will guide you throughout the entire transition phase to resource efficient and sustainable energy output and will hand over our wood power plant turnkey.



With our self-developed and patented technology, we produce resource-saving and sustainable bioenergy. And this is how it works: We add forest residues from sustainably managed forests to our climate-positive energy system. Depending on the configuration and use, we generate various energy sources from it, such as electricity, heat, natural gas substitute and soon also hydrogen. And of course always with you: the vegetable carbon. Thus, our systems only release a part of the CO2 originally stored via the forest. A respectable part remains as useful, green carbon and thus makes our system climate-positive.


Key role in the fight against climate change: biochar is mainly produced by carbonisation (pyrolysis), for example of wood or another biomass. In the process, around half of the carbon compounds from the biomass are not released back into the atmosphere, but remain bound as valuable carbon. If the plant carbon is not then burnt again, the carbon sink is preserved. Biochar in itself is durable and hardly decomposes biologically or chemically. If we start together globally and quickly, plant carbon can remove a good 250Gt* of CO2 from the atmosphere by the end of the century. That is about one third of the amount we need to achieve the 1.5°C climate targets.

* That´s 250,000,000 tons of CO2


Biochar can be used in a variety of ways: as a soil substrate or manure additive, for example, the carbon remains stably stored in the soil for several centuries. It is therefore considered sequestered. The same applies to the use of biochar in building materials - for example, concrete, gypsum or clay made from biochar. In addition, plant carbon can also be bound in asphalt or other recyclable materials. An effective carbon sink is created. The biochar is unexpectedly multifaceted as a carbon sink - and we can use it immediately to achieve the climate goals!


While in classic fixed-bed reactors gravity as well as the gas flow act downwards and thus cause increasing compaction, in the SynCraft fixed-bed reactor these two forces act in the opposite direction. Thanks to this difference, the char in the gasifier always remains ideally loosened and well permeable - no matter how fine or structured the wood chips were before.

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Clean energy

Wood is a regional, renewable fuel which is transformed to clean energy in our wood power plants, free of fine dust emissions and residues.


Our wood power plants work entirely stand-alone and do not require any auxiliary materials. The only raw material required grows right in the neighbourhood.

Zero Emission

Our climate-positive
wood power plants go
even beyond Zero Emission.
With every kilowatt hour generated, we bind emissions.


An electrical efficiency
rate of 30 % with a fuel utilisation rate of 92 % demonstrate what modern wood power plants are capable of.


Process engineering planning

As a development company in the field of decentralized heat and power plant technology, we see it as our task to create new methods and systems that enable an enhanced, higher-quality and environmentally friendly raw material utilization.

- design and planning - research and development - consultancy -

Efficient automation

We are your competent partner when it comes to automation, drive and software solutions for machinery and equipment of all sizes. We offer a complete solution from project planning, design up to commissioning and subsequent service.

- software development - electrical engineering - commissioning -

News & updates

17. May 2021

SynCraft and INNIO Jenbacher intensify collaboration for the energetic use of biomass

10. September 2021

Als Gründungsmitglied des neuen Verbands European Biochar Industry Consortium (EBI) möchten wir den Einsatz von Pflanzenkohle weiter vorantreiben – denn diese entfernt Kohlenstoff umweltfreundlich und nachhaltig aus der Atmosphäre, bindet ihn langfristig und kann so einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur Bekämpfung des Klimawandels leisten.

10. September 2021

SYNCRAFT® feierte am 27. September 2019 im Hotel Kosis im Zillertal gemeinsam mit den Kraftwerk-Betreibern, Partnern und Mitarbeitern sein zehnjähriges Bestehen.
Wir möchten uns nochmals bei allen für die gelungene Jubiläumsfeier und natürlich für die großartige Unterstützung in den letzten zehn Jahren bedanken.



Emsdetten / DE


Buch am Irchel / CH

WOOD POWER PLANT 4xCW1800x2-1000

Frauenfeld / CH

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