Who we are

We are a young, modern and dynamic company from Tyrol which has set itself the goal of resource-conserving and sustainable energy generation.

In 2007, a team of process engineers succeeded in the development of the floating fixed bed gasifier, a revolutionary process for the generation of heat and power from solid biomass. To date, this technology is unique in the entire bioenergy industry.

With an electrical efficiency of 30% and a fuel utilization rate of up to 92%, SYNCRAFT wood power plants are among the most profitable in the entire bioenergy sector. A SYNCRAFT plant will pay for itself after five to ten years depending on the value of the heat produced.

A revolutionary product is the charcoal, which is of such high quality that it is used as a base to produce Terra Preta (black earth), as a feed additive (stabilisation of digestion) or as the highest quality wood BBQ charcoal. Thus, biomass power plants from SYNCRAFT correspond to the concept of bioenergy with carbon storage (bioenergy with carbon capture and storage) and thus contribute to the negative CO2 emission.

The subsidiary "SYNCRAFT® Automation" specializes in the control of the own power plant technology and offers automation technology solutions for the field of wood industry, high frequency technology and wastewater management.

"SYNCRAFT® Engineering" plans and installs turnkey wood power plants in the range between 200 and 500 kW electrical power. But also the adaptation or reconstraction of existing systems for efficient heat and basic load supply is one of the core competences of the privately owned and Austrian company based in Tyrol.

The company sees itself as a strategic and operational partner to make cities "Smart Cities" and regions independent of central energy supply concepts.


Business formation

In 2007 a team of process engineers succeded in the development of floating fixed-bed gasifier, a revolutionary process for the generation of electricity and heat from biomass. Until now this technology is an essential key component for the success of SYNCRAFT.


Prototype power plant built

As part of the research project "PowerBox" the first prototype power plant based on floating fixed-bed technology was built in Schwaz / Austria. This project was largely funded by the Tyrolean government within its so called K-Regio program.


Incorporation of automation department

In 2010 the company Osl Elektrotechnik with many years of experience in timber industry was incorporated in the company group. From this point, the focus of the automation department lay on the development of control and automation for the floating fixed-bed technology in addition to its established business fields.


Wood power plant connected to the grid

After about 7 years of development, the first commercial wood-gas power plant was connected to the grid in South Tyrol in 2014. With an electrical output of approximately 259kW, the plant provides currently around 400.000 kWh of electricity and heat per month.

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