Our wood power plants

All that the forest provides.

Our biomass power plant plants are so flexible as regards the raw material used that we can employ all forest residues, such as offcuts and sawmill by-products, for fuel. This unique diversity underlines the contrast to other technologies in the market, which use expensive wood pellets or perfect formed wood chips. This is made possible by the innovative stepped co-current fixed bed gasification technology, which allows maximum efficiency with maximum raw material flexibility. This leads to clear economic advantages for the operator.


  • The fresh forest chip material is dried with heat generated within the wood power plant.
  • Dry wood chips are thermochemically transformed into a gaseous fuel.
  • In an engine with a generator, this gas is finally converted into electricity and heat.

The technology

Dry wood chips are first thermo-chemically transformed into a gaseous fuel in our plants, then converted into electricity and heat in a gas engine.

Clean energy

because we can utilise low-cost biomass

No additional costs

because we need no additives

Profitable charcoal

because our charcoal is an additional product, not waste

Maximum electricity yield

because we generate more electricity from wood

Overview of our wood power plants




Electrical power 220 kW (1) 400 kW 500 kW 1,000 kW
Thermal power 90 °C 328 kW 572 kW 740 kW 1,404 kW
Thermal power ~50 °C (2) 123 kW 227 kW 250 kW 500 kW
Fuel heat capacity 806 kW 1,429 kW 1,808 kW 3,527 kW
Fuel demand (dry) 161 kg/h 286 kg/h 362 kg/h 705 kg/h
Specific fuel demand (dry) 0.73 kg/kWh el 0.71 kg/kWh el 0.72 kg/kWh el 0.71 kg/kWh el
Premium charcoal 2 m³/d 3.5 m³/d 4.5 m³/d 9 m³/d
Fuel quality Wood chips; G50, W50 (4), with fine fraction and bark
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Swipe table

(1) ... expandable to an electric output of up to 280 kW
(2) … with optional upgrade for low-temperature usage; temperature is subject to seasonal fluctuations
(3) ... customer-specific adaptation possible
(4) … <W10 in front of the gas generator inlet; drying is ensured by adding the optional upgrade


As a general contractor, we cover on request also topics like drying, moving floor and the biomass feeding system for you.

For detail information please contact: office@syncraft.at

2To use the resulting low-temperature heat, a heat pump can be offered optionally to reach a water temperature of up to 55°C. This temperature can be optimally used for biomass drying or to increase the backflow-temperature of the district heating system.

What they say about us

I have seen numerous different wood-gas systems. I finally decided on the product with the greatest potential in terms of the raw material used – the SynCraft wood-gas plant.

Tobias IlgEnergiewerke Ilg GmbH, Dornbirn

I have no idea how SynCraft manages it, but after several thousand hours of operation we can find no trace of deposits in our highly efficient gas engines.

Dr. Günther HerdinMiteigentümer 2G­drives, Gasmotorenhersteller

The SynCraft biochar has convinced us regarding quality and price. This biochar is especially used by our customers as litter for stables and as an additive for pet food due to healthy reasons.

Edith und Bernd PulsingerEM Bodensee


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