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Emsdetten / DE

Wood power plants

Bioenergie Ahlintel operates our first wood-fired power plant in Germany. It is a CW1800-500 system. The wood gas is efficiently converted into electricity and heat in an Innio Jenbacher 412 gas engine. The plant is operated exclusively with residual forest wood and landscape management material from the surrounding area and, among other things, supplies a local district heating network with sustainable heat.

Buch am Irchel / CH

Wood power plants

In 2020/21, we were commissioned to build a CW700-200+ wood-fired power plant for the Gut winery in Switzerland. This was a special challenge under special space conditions, but our engineers were able to solve it well in coordination with the customer. The system also has a special drying concept that was developed by the customer and then fully integrated by us into our process control system.

Frauenfeld / CH

Wood power plants

We are currently building one of the world's largest wood-fired power plants of its kind in Frauenfeld, Switzerland.


Črnkovci / HR

Wood power plants

In autumn 2020, after many pandemic-related challenges, we handed over the type CW1800-400 wood power plant to our client, the Croatian furniture manufacturer TERSA.


Ternitz / AT

Wood power plants

In September 2019, the construction of the CW1200-400 wood power plant in Ternitz began at KWS Ökokraft GmbH.

Stöcken / AT

Wood power plants

The construction of the CW1800-500 wood-fired power plant in Stöcken was carried out in the period from January to June 2019. Since the completion...

Laas / IT

Wood power plants

The construction of the CW1800x2-1000 power plant in Laas began in April 2018. Only five months later, in September, the plant was completed and ready for use.

Singsdorf / AT

Wood power plants

The company FKF Forst- und Gutsverwaltung GmbH in Paltental had a unique idea in terms of sustainability: the subsidiary FGSD Bio Produktion GmbH breeds mountain shrimp in Rottenmann.

Vierschach / AT


Delivery of the entire process control system inclusive sensors, switch cabinets, bus terminal boxes and wiring. This system is used for electrical and thermal...

Vierschach / IT

Process engineering

This filter unit operates in a wood-gas power plant. It works at a operation temperature of 550°C and dedusts around 700 m³/h of product gas to less than...

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