Our wood power plant references

Ternitz / AT

Wood power plants

In September 2019, the construction of the CW1200-400 wood power plant in Ternitz began at KWS Ökokraft GmbH.

Stöcken / AT

Wood power plants

The construction of the CW1800-500 wood-fired power plant in Stöcken was carried out in the period from January to June 2019. Since the completion...

Laas / IT

Wood power plants

The construction of the CW1800x2-1000 power plant in Laas began in April 2018. Only five months later, in September, the plant was completed and ready for use.

Singsdorf / AT

Wood power plants

The company FKF Forst- und Gutsverwaltung GmbH in Paltental had a unique idea in terms of sustainability: the subsidiary FGSD Bio Produktion GmbH breeds mountain shrimp in Rottenmann.

Innsbruck / AT

Wood power plants

The turbo-charged CHP unit with 8 cylinders and 16.7-liter capacity already achieved an electrical output of 300 kW in the first week after commissioning in November 2016.

Dornbirn / AT

Wood power plants

The wood power plant in Dornbirn was built in 2014 with a construction period of only three months and was successfully connected to the grid by the end of 2014.

Vierschach / IT

Wood power plants

The biomass cogeneration plant CW1000-300 was built 2011/12 in addition to an existing biomass district heating plant in Innichen...

Schwaz / AT

Wood power plants

The biomass co-generation plant "Alpha" was founded on site of Stadtwerke Schwaz in 2009 and has since served as a development platform for the SYNCRAFT technology...

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