Process engineering


Under engineering, we understand the planning and conceptual design of already proven and / or new processes based on own calculations and investigations made in the procedural context. SYNCRAFT® Engineering has specialized primarily on conceptual design and basic engineering tasks in the field of its business. Thereby PID plans, equipment lists and 3D layouts, represent the interface to the detailed plant design.


As a development company in the field of decentralized power plant technology, we understand it as our task to create new processes and systems that enable an enhanced, higher-quality and environmentally friendly raw material utilization. This sector of service mainly includes contracted developments of process engineering concepts, components and systems in the respective fields. It also involves the development or construction of prototypes, and the implementation of tests and test programs, together with our scientific partners.


Under consulting, we understand the deployment of our know-how to optimize and improve process plants and systems. These consulting services relate primarily on feasibility and design studies, investigations in potential optimization and cost-effectiveness studies in the field of its business.

Permit application design

As an engineering company, we develop customized concepts where techno-economical aspects as well as all interfaces to other areas are checked conscientiously. On this basis, it is possible for us to create coherent and complete submission documents together with our customers. With our profound understanding of the processes in the background, we support you to get a permit for your project from the authorities.

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