Wood power plant CW1800x2-1000

SYNCRAFT is your professional partner for wood power plants. The table below shows the technical data of the SYNCRAFT wood power plant CW1800x2-1000.

Technical data

Fuel heat capacity 3,406 kW
Electrical power 1,000 kW
Thermal power 90 °C 1,428 kW
Thermal power ~50 °C (2) 450 kW
Fuel demand (dry) 681 kg/h
Specific fuel demand (dry) 0.68 kg/kWh el
Premium charcoal 8 - 18 m³/day
Space required by gas generator (3) 145 m²
Space required by engine (3) 65 m²
Space required for bunker (week’s supply) 480 m²
Fuel quality Wood chips; G50, W50 (4), with fine fraction and bark
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As a general contractor, we cover on request also topics like drying, moving floor and the biomass feeding system for our customers. For detail information please contact: office@syncraft.at

To use the resulting low-temperature heat, a heat pump can be offered optionally. Depending on the design, a thermal power of up to 200 kW is available (at a water temperature of up to
55 °C). This temperature can be optimally used for biomass drying or to increase the backflow-temperature of the district heating system.


CHARCOAL in high quality is the third valuable product of our wood power plants. From an economic point of view, our investments therefore generate revenue where expenditure would be expected in other systems. From the ecological point of view, charcoal, properly applied, enables long-term storage of fertiliser substances in the soil. This means that the use of fertilisers can be minimised in the long term. Our charcoal is also used as an animal feed supplement and as BBQ charcoal.


POWER is the core product of each of our wood power plants. SYNCRAFT wood power plants generate approximately 0.3 kW electricity from 1 kW fuel. Our wood power plants do not require any additional fuel to generate electricity from the gas engine. In addition, despite high energy output, the emission values in all areas remain significantly below the expected limit values. Absolutely free from fine dust, base load and part-load ready and resistant against dark doldrums.


HEAT may be only a by-product of our wood power plant, but it is nevertheless the largest output in terms of the amount of energy produced. SYNCRAFT wood power plants, generate up to 0.62 kW of heat from 1 kW of fuel. We work closely with our customers to create bespoke heat utilisation profiles matching their individual needs and requirements.

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