The construction of the CW1800x2-1000 power plant in Laas began in April 2018. Only five months later, in September, the plant was completed and ready for use.

Since then, the power plant has successfully served the district heating network of the Laaser-Eyrser Energie Cooperative (LEEG). A particular challenge was to replace the existing gasification system and to integrate the new system into the existing biomass combined heat and power plant and into the existing combined heating network. Since the building in which the power plant was to be installed was already built, the small installation area was another challenge to master. In collaboration with the operator it could be achieved to run the Jesbacher 420 combined heat and power plant with the highest availability and efficiency. The power plant in Laas is SYNCRAFT's first double plant at one site and has an electrical output of 800 kW. The automation of the plant and the construction of the control cabinet was implemented by the subsidiary SynCraft Automation GmbH.

In addition to normal, unrestricted operation, the plant produces four BigBags of 2.5 m3 of charcoal each. Charcoal de facto binds CO2 long-term. The charcoal is used in various areas and partly replaces fossil coal in those areas.

LAAS – Facts and figures:

  • Resource: 6.000 t/a residual forest wood
  • Power: 7.000.000 kWh/a (1.750 households)
  • Heat: 11.000.000 kWh/a
  • Biochar: ca. 1.000 t/a
  • CO2: 10.000 t/a

* avoided and withdrawn

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