The turbo-charged CHP unit with 8 cylinders and 16.7-liter capacity already achieved an electrical output of 300 kW in the first week after commissioning in November 2016.

"The economic and ecological basic idea of ​​the combined heat and power plants lies in the intelligent generation of energy from biomass and the innovative use of locally produced heat"
says IKB Chairman of the Board, DI Harald Schneider, occording to the expanded IKB energy concept in collaboration with SYNCRAFT® The wood power plant.
At the site of the "Energiezentrale Rossau", the primary source of energy is solid biomass in the form of forestry chips for the production of biogas and wood-gas.
The solid biomass (wood chips) is used to produce electricity and heat in a wood gasification plant of SYNCRAFT®. The energy generated from the renewable sources is used for internal and external customers
(Eg supply of the indoor swimming pool O-Dorf, supply of the new seerestaurant at the quarry bond). The overwhelming majority of consumers are year-round heat and electricity consumers.
The aim is to provide all customers with the highest possible share of renewable energies. For the heat supply, the share should be 100 percent and in the area of ​​power supply approximately 60 percent renewable energies.

The SYNCRAFT® wood power plant, built in only 4.5 months of construction, achieves a heat output of 892kW, 261kW of electrical and 393kW of thermal power. Common forestry chips are used
with bark and fine portion. Three drivable drying boxes were installed at the site, in which the low-temperature heat generated is used to dry the fuel requirement.
The wood power plant in Innsbruck thus fulfills the requirements of our customer as well as our own in terms of efficiency and contributes to the energy demand in Tyrol with the regional CO2-neutral energy supply.
Sightseeing can be arranged by prior arrangement.

The energy center Rossau is part of the smart city district of SINFONIA
Since mid-2014, IKB has been working on smart city solutions for Innsbruck within the framework of the EU project SINFONIA. IKB develops intelligent solutions for decentralized generation, distribution and storage of electricity and heat.

Photos: Photos from drone recordings by Schubert.TV

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