In 2020/21, we were commissioned to build a CW700-200+ wood-fired power plant for the Gut winery in Switzerland. This was a special challenge under special space conditions, but our engineers were able to solve it well in coordination with the customer. The system also has a special drying concept that was developed by the customer and then fully integrated by us into our process control system.

The wood gas is converted into electricity and heat on site by an agenitor 408 gas engine from 2G.

The plant is operated with forest residues from the surrounding area and supplies heat to, among others, the fuel preparation of and a local heating network.

The approximately 200 t of biochar per year are used, among other things, for the company's own wine culture. This efficiently closes regional cycles and creates a carbon sink that is credited as a carbon credit / carbon removal.



TERSA – Facts and figures:

  • Resource: 1.500 t/a residual forest wood
  • Power: 1.500.000 kWh/a (400 housholds)
  • Heat: 2.200.000 kWh/a
  • Biochar: 200 t/a
  • CO2*: 2.000 t/a

* avoided and withdrawn

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