Bioenergie Ahlintel operates our first wood-fired power plant in Germany. It is a CW1800-500 system. The wood gas is efficiently converted into electricity and heat in an Innio Jenbacher 412 gas engine. The plant is operated exclusively with residual forest wood and landscape management material from the surrounding area and, among other things, supplies a local district heating network with sustainable heat.

The plant produces around 500 tonnes of biochar per year. Due to the predominant use of hardwoods from landscape conservation, the bulk density as well as the carbon content of the coal from Emsdetten is particularly high. It even exceeds the calorific value of hard coal!

The plant achieved well over 8,000 operating hours in its first year of operation; in other words, it reliably produced electricity, heat and coal more than 90% of the time.



TERSA – Facts and figures:

  • Resource: 3.000 t/a residual forest wood
  • Power: 3.750.000 kWh/a (900 housholds)
  • Heat: 5.500.000 kWh/a
  • Biochar: 500 t/a
  • CO2*: 5.000 t/a

* avoided and withdrawn

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