An exciting project in challenging times: In spite of several lockdowns, a resulting longer construction stop and constantly changing travel regulations, we managed a special task last year - for the Croatian furniture manufacturer TERSA, we transformed an old warehouse of a former sawmill into a state-of-the-art wood-fired power plant and by the way, thereby we realized one of the largest wood gas plants in Croatia.

When the order came to us in August 2018, no one could have guessed what obstacles a still unknown pandemic would put in our way. At first, we were faced with the task of converting the existing warehouse so that our CW1800-400 with 400kWel could find a suitable home in it.

And there were other "first times" for us: since the project was financed through EU subsidies, the energy generated is not specially remunerated; electricity and heat are used directly for our own operations. Moreover, the customer "feeds" the plant almost exclusively with leftover hardwood products from production - no problem for our robust plants, which can handle more than just gourmet food.

All's well that ends well: In autumn 2020, we were able to hand over the plant to the customer - and with that, by the way, the first INNIO Jenbacher engine on wood gas in Croatia. Conclusion: 1200 tons of CO2 saved annually, another satisfied customer, a new exciting task mastered.

TERSA – Facts and Figures

  • Resource: 2.500 t/a production waste wood
  • Power: 3.000.000 kWh/a (750 Haushalte)
  • Heat: 4.500.000 kWh/a
  • Biochar: 400 t/a
  • CO2*: 4.000 t/a

* avoided and withdrawn

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