In Frauenfeld (Switzerland), we are currently building one of the world's largest wood-fired power plants of its kind: our strongest project to date is a 4xCW1800x2-1000 wood-fired power plant that will supply electricity for around 8000 households and heat for the sugar factory and the city of Frauenfeld from June 2022.

The future climate-positive power plant will be one of the most innovative in the world: Every year we will permanently remove 9000 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. In order to be able to realise this mammoth project, the Zurich-based energy and mobility service provider "Energie 360° AG" and "Schweizer Zucker AG" have jointly founded the "Bioenergie Frauenfeld AG".


Starting in June of this year, we will be installing our modern floating fixed-bed reactors, including the four gas engines. In addition to electricity and heat, the power plant will then of course also produce our valuable vegetable carbon, which will then be sold via various distribution channels to farms or nurseries in the region. Residual wood - i.e. sawn timber, storm wood or pest-infested wood - from the region is also used in Frauenfeld.

Bioenergy Frauenfeld - Facts and figures

  • Resource: 25.000 t/a residual forest wood
  • Power: 30.000.000 kWh/a (7.500 households)
  • Heat: 45.000.000 kWh/a
  • Biochar: 3.000 t/a
  • CO2*: 40.000 t/a

* avoided and withdrawn

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