We are going NetZero – Carbon Removals and their Role on the Road to Climate Neutrality

11. April 2023

Climate neutrality is the buzzword when it comes to a future worth living in. On the one hand, we know that we have to drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to achieve this, and not just since the alarming current report of the #IPCC (see https://www.ipcc.ch/report/sixth-assessment-report-cycle/). In order to achieve the EU's goal of being climate neutral by 2050, hundreds of millions of tons of CO2eq will have to be removed from the atmosphere in addition to all the reduction measures - with so-called "carbon removals". These are measures and projects that remove CO2 or CO2 equivalents (CO2eq) from the earth's atmosphere using natural or technological solutions.

An international group of experts commissioned by the EU Commission is currently drawing up the first EU-wide voluntary framework for the certification of such carbon removals. Important details have already been finalized. To obtain EU certification for a reliable and high-quality carbon removal project or measure, the following QU.A.L.ITY criteria must be met:

  1. "QUantification": the carbon removal measure must be able to be quantified accurately and must be shown to provide clear climate benefits.
  2. "Additionality": additionality states that the carbon removal measure(s) must go beyond standard practices and regulatory requirements.
  3. Longterm-storage: allowances clearly consider the duration of carbon storage and distinguish between permanent and temporary storage.
  4. SustainabITY: Carbon removal activities must support sustainability goals such as climate change mitigation and adaptation, biodiversity, circular economy, or protection of water and marine resources.

The Commission's goal is to make the certification process as reliable and trustworthy as possible in order to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to carbon removal as well: On the one hand, to combat #greenwashing and ensure environmental integrity and transparency. On the other hand, to label high-quality projects and thus prevent negative impacts on biodiversity and our ecosystem.

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