We are going net zero - Positive climate balance

06. February 2023

Positive climate balance

Actively removing Carbon Dioxide out of the atmosphere
Human activities produce over 50 billion tons of greenhouse gases annually. An almost unimaginable amount of (mainly) carbon dioxide, which increases the greenhouse effect and thus further promotes climate change. To get a better idea of this massive amount of, here are a few examples for better understanding:
A ton of CO2 is equal to...
  • Drive of 3,300 kilometers of a petrol driven car.
  • Approximately one flight from Munich to New York.
  • 8,800 cups of coffee.
  • a balloon with a diameter of nine meters and a volume of approx. 400m3.
Reference: myclimate
On average every Austrian contribute about 8 tons of Carbon Dioxide per year. According to the Federal Environment Agency, around 77 million tons of CO2eq per year were emitted in Austria in 2021. About half of this comes from industry. (see also https://ourworldindata.org/co2-emissions).
In order to curb global warming to 1.5 degrees, on the one hand it is necessary to reduce our CO2eq emissions and to "compensate" for everything that is still emitted. Which means to pay (usually in form of certificates) for CO2eq to be actively removed from the atmosphere or CO2eq to be actively bound elsewhere. And this is exactly where Syncraft comes in with its climate-positive "backward power plants". “Backward” because in Syncraft power plants, biochar is produced – as kind of a waste product – during the production of heat and electricity. The (climate) positive news is: Biochar actively stores CO2eq from the atmosphere and can thus actively reduce or compensate the companies own Carbon Footprint or compensate for others. In 2022, all power plants built by Syncraft and operated by our satisfied customers have already actively bound 50,000 tons of CO2eq in the form of biochar from the atmosphere!
In other words, the annual Carbon footprint of 6,250 people in Austria is compensated, which means a small community is made CO2eq -neutral.
The 35 lines of (mainly) 500er units have also avoided 100,000to CO2eq emissions by producing electricity and heat from biomass. Thus, Syncraft power plants not only provide valuable, climate-neutral heat and electricity from biomass, but also actively contribute on the way to Net-Zero.
Converted to Austria with approx. 9 million inhabitants, it would take the equivalent of 20,000 Syncraft plants and a NetZero of all annual emissions would be possible.
Sound utopian? A world with 2 degrees plus Celsius is too!
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